San Francisco Bay Area Commuter Train Derails, Struck Downed Tree 14 Injured


San Francisco: A fast commuter train derails during midnight traveling and struck down with tree in which almost 14 passengers got injuries rescue operation completed after few time later.


According to a foreign news report, another Bay area commuter train derails on Monday night and struck with a big tree in which almost 14 people got wounds shifted to near hospital for better treatment after that accident railway authority took action about knowing actual reason of misfortune made by driver but all other trains remain on the tracks.

Railway department told in front of media almost 214 passengers are traveling at 7 P.m by using Altamont Corridor Express whish was derailed and 14 people got serious cuts. Officials also searched out the reason of that train accident, a big tree caused who grew up very close to the track so, driver did not control it due to high speed but any life threading injury not involved.

Recently, in India a big passenger bus drove in a river from 20 feet high bridge due to driving carelessness in which more than 40 people died and many were injured.

Big state of America named California also faced many big accidents of buses crashing and train derailing for last two or three years so, government introduced latest technology about safety of high speed engines and tracks.

Alameda County Fire Department revealed a report about commuter train accident in which 14 travelers wounded four were in very serious condition but medical treatment still continue for better recruitments.

A man on seen told that train was in high speed and big tree come in front so, a big crashing sound vibrated nearly houses but any loss of life did not happen meanwhile, almost 214 people are on the way after returning to their residences.