Sanjay Dutt’s Jail Period Reduced By Government Set To Release On 27 February


Mumbai: Famous Bollywood action blaster Sanjay Dutt again took assistance about his punishment in jail, actor will release on 27 February 2016.

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According to a news report, Indian film actor Sanjay Dutt faced jail punishment for a long time in result of having illegal weapons now, he also passing life days in lockup as a prison.

Sanjay Dutt will leave jail on 27 February according to the court orders; actor was born on 29 July 1959 and started his career as Indian film actor. He was made acting debut in Bollywood in 1981 after that artist introduced more than hundred movies relating action, comedy and many romantic drama productions.

Bollywood actor also faced punishment of jail on many events in his life; firstly he was arrested in 1993 by Indian police when security officials discovered unlawful weapons named high rated 9mm pistol and other rifles.

Indian high court was gave almost five years jail punishment to Sanjay Dutt and then actor shifted to jail after completing his two upcoming movies named Policegiri and famous blockbuster project of 2015 is that PK. He spent almost 18 months in lockup but now he will retire at end of second month of 2016.

Famous Indian city Mumbai suffered serious bombings in 1993 in which many people killed and hundreds were faced severe injuries. Sanjay Dutt also involved in those attacks because police intimated arrested to actor for making an illegal delivery of high class weapons to terrorists.

Previous day, Indian Supreme Court gave the orders to police about release of Sanjay Dutt on 27 February 2016. Actor also worked in Hindi cinema more than 30 years in which he earned lot of fame and big Bollywood Awards.

Now, he wants to make a fantastic action drama movie after getting final release from jail.