Saudi Arabia Begins Joint Military Exercises Alongside Pakistan, Turkey Including 20 Other Countries


Joint military exercises have been commenced in northeastern side of Saudi Arabia, in which Armed forces from 20 countries are taking part in one of the largest military exercises globally.


Saudi authorities had decided to launch considering increasing brutality of Islamist militant organizations in Middle East, though the special military training dubbed ‘Northern Thunder’, expected to show impressive results against the terrorism.

Five Gulf Arab states’ troops such as Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain whereas Sudan, Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, Malaysia, Morocco, and Turkey are also part of the Ra’ad Al Shamal, or Northern Thunder.

The latest military drills were started on 27 February, 2016 that contains air, naval forces and ground, are considered to be one of the largest joint military practices as a large number of troops from other nations are participating to improve training among all as well building passion to tackle terrorists.

Islamist terrorist groups, in which Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant also known by other names ISIS, IS, ISIL and others, has become the main attraction for every country as its brutal actions have been killing thousands of people in middle east also in several other countries.

Saudi Arabia has directly sent a message to all Islamist fighter groups by launching joint military drills that comprises its coalition of Muslim-majority countries from Africa and the wider Middle East, will be removing the terrorists at surface where they have built strong hold and killing numerous people daily.

Riyadh advance to tackle all challenges and stability in the region, while its previous attempts as part of a US-led coalition to demolish Islamic State, has shown off the Suadi Arabia has passion of preserving peace.

Saudi authorities also constructed previous December a new 35-member alliance confronting against extremist groups in Islamic countries.