Saudi Arabia Declares 34 Islamic Military Coalition To Tackle Terrorism


Saudi Arabia has announced a 34-state Islamic military coalition establishment on Tuesday to tackle the terrorism and the list includes Qatar, Malaysia, Egypt, and Pakistan too as well as other.


These all Islamic nations those added in list, have agreed to establishment of a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia because it is the only way to remove terrorism as joint operations will give best results.

The list tells the names, Arab countries as Qatar, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, which got together with other Islamic nations as Pakistan, Gulf Arab, African states, Turkey and Malaysia.

These all countries have faith in this establishment that will keep secure every Islamic country from the brutal attacks of Middle East’s one of the dangerous militant organization Islamic nation who has been killing sinless, innocent people in Syria, Iraq as well as other countries.

However, a most important thing made shock this bunch of Saudi Arabia led coalition that Shi’ite Muslim Iran, Sunni Saudi Arabia remained absent from named those were as participants because the proxy clashes raised rage from Syria to Yemen.

On the other hand, the establishment was highly appreciated by United States they way Arabic countries as well as other Islamic states decided to get together against the terrorism and the military campaign will be completely removing the hold of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant organization in highly victim countries Iraq and Syria.

The 30-year-old Mohammed bin Salman, Defense Minister and crown prince addressed reporters on Tuesday during the short time press conference, which in it said that the campaign would “coordinate” attempts to remove the existence of militant organization Islamic State as well other Islamist group who are making hell life of other Muslims worldwide.