Saudi Arabia Executes 47 People Due To Terrorism Plan In Saudi Arabia


Riyadh: Last day, Saudi court gave order about beheading of 47 men in result of terror attack on local Saudi people and other forces in which one Iranian man included.


According to a news report, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim states have been facing many terrorist attacks for the last few months in result of that 47 terrorists killed by authorities in which one foreigner spotted, famous Iranian Shia cleric named Nimr al-Nimr also executed.

These all were trying to increase terror in all Saudi states for the help of famous organization named Al Qaeda and they introduced many illegal activities in large Muslim state. They were caught by security forces before few years in which one Shia priest also involved.

Recently, a big incident held in Saudi Arabia during the largest religious gathering of all world Muslims for the purpose of praying Hajj in which almost 2500 people had died. All security forces try to know the reason of that confrontation because thousand people had died.

The interior Ministry gave remarks about all killed people last day, all were trying to reduce the peace of all Arab states by using the way of terrorism and now we took a big step toward terrorists for the purpose of killing all illegal organizations who work in our country.

Another report told last year, Saudi Government was hanged 157 people in result of many crimes. In 2014, almost 90 people killed but the best thing is that all security forces faced a little increase in crimes about terrorism in country.

Saudi government also trying to reduce wrong activities in all over the country because every year billions Muslim people entered in that state for the purpose of praying the obligation Hajj.