Saudi Arabia Host Largest Military Exercise in Region alongside 20 Other Countries


Saudi Arabia has set all to host enormous military exercises in which they have invited soldiers from 20 countries, while these practices will be going on for 18 days, Saudi Press Agency reported.


Nevertheless, it seems to be as Saudi authorities have clearly warned Syrian President Assad, while the statement about the massive military exercises was announced on Sunday. It was also mentioned in report that the arriving of soldiers will start in coming hours.

Theses gigantic military practices contain ground, air and maritime groups of soldiers even called ‘Northern Thunder’ which sending prominent message to militant organizations that the Saudi coalition partners have set all to tackle them and soon they will be removed from where they rooted strongly.

However, the exercises commencement by the oil-rich nation thought to be one of the biggest advances of Saudi Arabia and never done before in the region’s history.

Except for Saudi soldiers, troops from African countries even Pakistani military is also part of these biggest exercises but the United States and other Western powers will not be part of it.

According to latest report on Sunday, the member of the US-led coalition against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Saudi Arabia has set military jets and recruits to Turkish Incirlik Air Base which is already being used by the American Air Force for their planes those move to Syria.

The Saudi authorities also have explained that they will make stronger their offensive against the Middle East’s one of the brutal militant organizations Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS).

The latest move also makes sense that the Saudi coalition partners have dare to face all possible challenges as well to launch full-scale ground attack into the war-ravaged Syria.