Scottish Member Of Parliament Humza Yousaf Takes Sworn In Urdu


Son of Pakistani Father and Kenyan Mother, Humza Yousaf takes oath as the member of Scotland National Assembly in his father national Language Urdu and set a new history on Thursday although 129 members took sworn in the fifth session of the Scottish Parliament.


The member of Scotland parliament have been oath in the fifth session of Scotland parliament, there are 129 members of Scottish parliament that took sworn in the fifth session of Scottish parliament. Son of Pakistani father was the final one who have to sworn that day.

Humza Yousaf took oath in different manner like Pakistanis because he chose to take oath in Pakistani National language Urdu to represent the Pakistani heritage.

Scottish Parliament member Humza Yousaf is the member of Scottish National Party (SNP), takes oath as the member of Scottish Parliament, honored with the Ministry of Europe and International Development.

He was the Member of Parliament since from 2011, different members who have to take sworn in Scottish Parliament took different language but Humza Yousaf exhibits the Pakistani culture.

Scottish Parliament member Humza Yousaf has been taken sworn in Urdu saying, “I am Humza Haroon Yousaf sincerely and honestly declare, I will always be loyal to Queen Elizabeth and her successor with my sole of heart, and in this announcement God helped me.”

Humza Yousaf, who was the final member of Scottish Parliament dressed up with sherwani as well as donning kilt to show the both countries heritage.

Humza Yousaf who become Britain 1960’s started his study with Hutchesons’ Grammar School which is an independent school in Glasgow; he worked hard graduated with M.A in Politics at University of Glasgow.

He was first elected as the member of Scottish Parliament in 2011 when he was only of 25, the youngest Scottish Parliament member as well.