Senator Jeff Sessions Endorses Hillary Clinton’s Rival Donald Trump


Alabama state’s Senator Jeff Sessions has declared his support for Donald Trump visiting his a campaign rally in Huntsville Sunday evening. Sessions made a promise a ‘Gang of Eight’ type of immigration reform bill would not be approved during Trump presidency.


The endorsement by Sessions for Republican presidential front runner, Donald Trump from New York, appears to be a massive advance to hopeful candidate moving towards crucial Republican presidential primaries on Tuesday in 11 States as well as Alabama.

Sessions stated, “There is an opportunity this year, Tuesday, and we have the opportunity — we have an opportunity Tuesday.”

He also added the opportunity seems to be last one which will be in favor of American people, continued saying the people have been asked for 30 years, in the result politicians also have been promising for 30 years to work for illegal immigration.

Sessions continued his speech describing the people of America have better gotten for previous some years that government have not been showing impressive performance regarding trade agreements.

US Senator also assured the supporters that if Donald Trump elects next president of United States, will certainly be resolving every issue of the American people which weren’t fixed so far.

He also explained that Mr. Trump appears to be not a perfect person but nobody is perfect in this world, even then Sessions believed in the Republican presidential front-runner and announced endorsement for him.

The fifth-most conservative U.S. Senator by the National Journal in 2007 also stated that he didn’t fell any confusion deciding endorsement for Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States because Trump’s campaign is a perfect movement not just only a campaign which will be surely coming out a huge advance in future fulfilling the dreams of the American people which remained incomplete during current and previous governance.