Shirtless Pictures Of Salman Khan From Sultan Movie Making Fans Crazy


Salman Khan is very popular of his physique in bollywood his shirtless pictures are very much loved by his fans according to Salman Khan it is not my personal wish to take off my shirt it is character’s demand which I was playing.

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New pictures of Salman Khan’s without shirt from Sultan are released on social media as his fans are going crazy after seeing his muscles the director of the film takes excellent shots to show off Salman Khan’s body.

Arbaz Khan who is brother of Salman Khan told that Salman Khan is trained very harshly to get this physique and bear’s a lot of pain Salman Khan never wishes to show his six pack abs or his toned body every time it is character demand and now it become a business for Salman Khan to take off his shirt and impress his fans.

In Salman Khan’s upcoming film Sultan he is performing the character of wrestler and when his pictures release on social media without shirt his female fans gone crazy and even his male fans admire him to get such muscles Salman Khan shirtless pictures become a viral sensation on social media.

In this film Sultan Anushka Sharma is in lead role with Salman Khan it is for the first time that Anushka Sharma is performing a physically challenged role.

Now a day’s Salman Khan is facing some problems due to a slip of tongue when a media person asked Salman Khan about his training in the reply of that question Salman Khan said that after training he feels like a raped woman.

This statement cost expensive to Salman Khan but till now he didn’t apologize for his this statement as didn’t shows any reaction till now he is very calm.