Shooting in the Us State Michigan 6 killed and many are injured


Chicago: In the State of America, Michigan, At least six citizens are killed and many got serious injured, the injured are rushed towards the hospitals and A strong Suspect is in the Custody.


According to the Authority and Chicago police that in the State of America Michigan, A Gunman Start firing in the public place in which six people are killed and many are injured.

The incident is happened in the town of Michigan Kalamazoo, in which a car Man start firing and killed 6 people on the spot in different places of the town and many got serious injuries.

According to the police that four people are killed in the restaurant and two people are killed on the front of a shop in the Town Kalamazoo in Michigan and according to the initial information of the Police that White Man that was in the car start firing on the people in the Public place and 50-year-old man’s exploration work has been started but the reasons cannot be fired without investigation.

It is also stated by the police that A Strong Suspect is in their custody and they are now questioned on him and want to know about the reasons of the firing.

According to the Head of the police of Michigan Lt. Dale Hinz that the man is in their custody and He matches the vehicle description and the suspect description and it is a strong suspect and also asked that they have Suspect in their custody.

According to the Police Six people are killed and three are wounded in three different shooting in the town Kalamazoo in Michigan and A 9 year old was also with them during firing and the person that is in their custody is 45 years old and he is also from the Kalamazoo and weapons is also with him that is found from him.