Shooting Rampage At Houston Auto Shop Left 2 Dead, 6 Hurt


An auto detail shop in Houston targeted by a gunman in Sunday morning, the shooting rampage began by gunman killed a person known as a customer of an auto detail shop.


Police authorities in Houston said, a gunman stepped into an auto detail shop of Houston and launched shooting that killed an innocent civilian which reportedly known as the customer of auto detail shop, the gunman locked down a neighborhood before being fatally shoot out by SWAT officer.

The Sunday morning in Houston push the civilians in terror because a gunman walked into the auto detailing shop, The SWAT officer although knock down the gunman who create violence but a six civilians and police officer wounded badly in chaotic shoot out, the wounded personnel has included three police officials.

It is also come in light that the gas station caught fire when an unknown gunman fired to a gas pump.

Six peoples were injured by shooting rampage in which two identified as deputy constable who has headed to hospital late on Sunday while there are three men and one woman who sends to hospital to cure injuries, they have no life threaten.

Police launched probe whether one of the wounded person are suspected to be the partner of the gunman because the identity of gunman not yet revealed but investigation still continue.

John Cannon, who is the spokesperson of police witnessed, an anonymous gun man shoot a man who pulled up the auto detail shop with pistol.

The first person when become the victim of gunman was a police officer whom first responds to gunman, John Cannon also added asserted, the gunman was riding his car with bullets, many bullets struck to windshield of car and at least five number of bullets struck to Police helicopter.