Shootings At Two Maryland Shopping Centers 2 People Killed, Wound 2


Shooting attacks at two shopping centers of Maryland as by these attacks 2 people killed as well as two wounded seriously, according to police that first incident was started with disagreement in parking at Maryland.


According to police of Maryland, two shooting attacks at two different shopping centers of Maryland in which first began with dispute in parking lot at Westfield Montgomery Mall in affluent Bethesda, Maryland where two men as well as a women were shot so in serious conditions they were rushed towards hospital.

So in these incidents of shooting at two different shopping two people were killed and two seriously wounded so according to initial investigation of the police that in these incidents a police officer may be involved whose wife was killed a day earlier before these attacks therefore in this aspect police is looking for Eulalio Sevilla Tordil which is a police officer in US Department of Homeland security.

So this police officer Tardil also has given threaten of commit suicide by police is much uncertain of their police officer’s involvement in these attacks so after these attacks security is quite too much tight in all shopping centers as well as in all near schools to met after attacks of these attacks.

in first attack at parking spot one man was killed while other in is in serious danger but woman in now out of danger asked by police.

While second attack taken place after half an hour of the first attack at Aspen hill Shopping center Silver Spring that was 8 miles away from first spot in which a women is killed, so according to police that both attacks were caught by same man in initial reports.

So the wife of police office Tardil was a teacher at high school while she was picking her two daughters from other schools when she was shot and she was out of life after this attack.