Shraddha Kapoor Injured During Shooting of Half Girlfriend


Shraddha Kapoor the baaghi is now a day’s busy in the shooting of her upcoming film Half Girlfriend during the shooting of a basket ball match Shraddha Kapoor is running very fast than immediately she slipped down at the basket ball yard and got her right feet injured.


She posted the picture of her injured feet on Instagram with blue bandage over her feet and she wrote these words with her picture of injured feet, “Stressed ligament. But it’s too much fun running on that basketball court! ‘Half Girlfriend‘”

This film Half Girlfriend is a novel based film the novel Half Girlfriend is adult romance novel for youngsters as this novel was written by Chetan Bhagat. Chetan Bhagat is a growing novel writer this novel Half Girlfriend is Chetan Bhagat’s fourth novel which was released on October 1st 2014.

This is published and very much loved in rural Bihar Patna New Delhi and New York this is basically written in English language but after seeing its popularity this novel is also translated in Hindi as well as Gugrati latter on the this novel is very much famous and now bollywood is going a film on the adult romantic story of Half Girlfriend.

In the story of the film there is boy who belongs from Behar but speaks Hindi and English of this boy is little bit weak in New Delhi he met a girl and fall in love with her the boy tries his level best to impress the girl.

But that girl belongs to a very rich and English spoken family she didn’t agree to start a relationship with boy but after great efforts she agreed to be a half girlfriend of that boy. Boy started loving that girl but was not clear about her relationship with that boy.