Sir Patrick Stewart And Hugh Michael Jackman Are Appearing Last Time In Wolverine 3


Charles Xavier or Prof X along with Wolverine or Logan are appearing for the last time in X men series in the upcoming sequel of this series which is Wolverine 3 and it will going to release in March 03, 2017.


X man is one of the oldest film series in Hollywood industry the first X man film was released in year 2000 and after that there is a number of films which are released one by one and till now 7 films of this launched successfully and Wolverine 3 is the 8th film of this franchise.

This 8th film Wolverine 3 is the last film of tow of the Iconic characters Sir Patrick Stewart who played the role of Charles Xavier or Prof X is now getting retired along with him Hugh Michael Jackman the Wolverine or Logan also saying good bye to this series.

Sir Patrick Stewart is one of the and most iconic characters of this series he is being attached with X men Franchise form last 17 years this 76 years old actor started his career form stage that TV after that he entered into Hollywood at 1975 and presents his acting skills in various films and in 2000 join the X Men and in 2017 he is leaving the X Men family alone.

On the other side Hugh Michael Jackman the Wolverine he is actually the face of X Men Series he also joined this series in 2000 and make his name in the industry.

The most furious and aggressive character of X Men Series a man gifted with claws is one who got great fame from this character but now it’s time to say good bye and Hugh Michael Jackman officially announced that in Wolverine 3 he is appearing for the last time as Logan.