Small Blocky Smartphone iPhone SE Reviews, Price, Release date, Features


IPhone released every a new model after two year of each, Launched iPhone SE as the predecessor of iPhone 5S, the cheapest Apple’s Smartphone but so far a most interesting release.

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The first thing to know about iPhone SE, it’s not a new Phone however, the refinement model of iPhone 5s, there is a great reason behind that the people want to own SE instead of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s because internal of it is similar to as iPhone 6s, it is also very easy to banish the iPhone SE as old wine in a new bottle but it this phone not bring any path breaking technical innovations.

Physically iPhone SE is look identical iPhone 5s, colors are not punchy as offered by the super Almond technology as that of Samsung Galaxy S7, great for the one handed use that reach all the corners without messing around with its small a 4-inch LED at 640×1136, screen as compare to the current innovation mobile phones it won’t be a big deal because it bare 1080×1920 minimum, although the pixel density of the phone is nearly comparable to the iPhone 6s but not a comparison with 6s plus.

Its chunky and square edges make the excellent grip with the screen 3D touch which was given in iPhone 6s, didn’t have any trouble using the phone even in direct sunlight.

Its chip is similar to Apple A9 chip that is built in new smart phones iPhone 6s as well as in iPhone 6s plus, it contained 2 GB Ram with 16 GB built it memory expandable up to 64 GB with 12MP rear-facing iSight camera with dual-LED flash and 4K video, 1.2MP front-facing camera with 720p HD video resolution.

The battery performance is always a big challenge for Smartphone companies although iPhone SE power is 1624mAh, battery offering upto 12 hours continuous talk time.


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