Somali Militant Group ‘Al-Shabaab’ Attack On African Union Base, 63 Killed


Mogadishu: Famous terrorist group named Al-Shabaab increased attacks in Somalia and last day they hit an African union base in which almost 63 troops killed, got whole control of that base by militants.


According to a news report, last day, Al-Shabaab attacked on a big African Union camp with modern weapons in which they killed almost 63 troops and got the hold of that place in few hours and posted their flag on top of the base and took all assets of army.

In those days, Al-Shabaab also increased severe activities in whole country for the purpose of getting the control of Government. When they get control of that foreign base in result of killing troops then they take over all dead bodies and walked in whole city.

All security forces failed to control the attacks of that group because every new day, they introduced a harsh attack in different parts of country and increased terrorism in which thousands were killed and many got serious injuries.

Another news report told that Al-Shabaab attacked on African Union Base after early in the morning and put on all energy to take over victory on troops. Almost 22 thousands troops are helping to Somalian Government for the purpose of decreasing activities of militants.

Many Muslim countries Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan are facing the big problem of terrorism in which thousands innocent were martyred.

Two famous groups named Al-Qaeda and Daesh increased attacks in whole world. Recently, they targeted Istanbul in which almost 10 were killed o the spot.

Large number of people transferred to other cities in result of that attack who made by Al-Shabaab on African Union Base. Meanwhile, security forces did not try to control safety environment in whole town because they also frightened from freedom fighters.