Sonakshi Sinha Burnt Herself On The Set Of Akira Upcoming Movie


Bollywood Dabangg Actress the Diva Sonakshi Sinha burned herself badly during the shooting of her upcoming action packed and full of stunts film Akir this film is full thrilling sequences of action and fighting.

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Now a day’s one of the bollywood top most model actress Sonakshi Sinha is busy in the shooting of Akira but unfortunately during the shooting she burned her arm during the shoot of one of the fighting scenes in the hostel of her university at Mumbai she slips down and wile dong the rope kick scene and the arm of sizzling hot diva Sonakshi Sinha touch with the hot boiler.

After this serious injury Sonakshi Sinha takes a selfi in which this sizzling hot actress show off her burn mark on her arm in a body building pose which represents that she is not a week girls she has strength to overcome her injuries she posted her this cute picture on twitter.

Tweets with this image that “Battlescars are meant to be worn with pride! A memento from when I was shooting an action scene for ‘Akira’! (Throwback),”

This is not the first injury faced by Sonakshi Sinha during the shooting of Akira she experience many injuries during the shooting as her character in Akira is very demanding while the demand of character is physical strength.

Three worst injuries faced by Bollywood Diva Sonakshi Sinha are as followed first injury faced by Bollywood Diva is that her wrist of right hand went out of order and she is even not able to move her wrist correctly.

On second time when she is doing the scene of flying kick her Knee was hurt badly and she walks with the help of a walking stick further on third time her back bone was injured when she slips down during the shooting.