Sonam Kapoor Starrer Real Incident Based Film ‘Neerja’ Release Banned Pakistan


Pakistan authorities have banned the release of Sonam Kapoor starrer upcoming Indian biographical ‘Neerja’ which tells the story of real incidents during the hijacking of the Pan Am Flight 73 at the Karachi airport in 1986.


Ram Madhvani’s directorial thrilling venture will hit the theaters on its scheduled date February 19 in India in which Sonam plays titular character of Neerja Bhanot who was a purser for Pan Am and lost his life saving passengers from terrorists on board the hijacked ‘Pan Am Flight 73’ on September 5, 1986 at the Karachi airport.

The upcoming biopic film neerja was banned by the Pakistani authorities even being submitted to the censor boards, might be the Pakistani officials are taking the film story in wrong way but it just based on real incidents which were occurred during the hijack.

However, if we take view of tabloids in which it was published the Neerja Bhanot biopic film will be released on 19 February in Pakistani theaters. It was also said to be that the Ministry of Commerce had initially approved the import neerja but afterward declined.


On the other hand, a statement was received by the Commerce Ministry’s one of the officials that the objectionable nature of the content became only reason of its ban as movie shows bad light of Pakistan.

Nevertheless, executive director in IMGC, Abid Rasheed has confessed that the storyline of neerja contains anti-Pakistan elements which are unveiling Muslim community in a negative way.

The Ram Madhvani tried to highlight what happened in the PanAm Mumbai-New York flight and what kind of struggles had to done Indian national heroine Neerja Bhanot who performed her duties as responsible crew member while saving 369 passengers but not herself.

Experienced Indian actress Shabana Azmi and Shekhar Ravjiani will also be seen in neerja on February 19 in Indian theaters.