South Korea To Deploy New Laser Weapon System To Protect From North Korean’s Drones


South Korea is setting up a new laser air defense system to bring down the small unnamed aerial vehicle (UAV) often called drones that sent by the wicked country North Korea as well as to protect their home land from rogue state.


South Korea is installing new air defense system here we can think it’s some kind of missiles but the situation is totally against, S. Korea is setting up a laser system to protect their homeland from the small unnamed aerial vehicle that often sent by North Korea.

Within last few months, the bully country North Korea used to attack S. Korea by small drones which cause a lot of violence, these drones can’t be targeted by Missiles therefore S. Korea is developing and purchasing laser air defense system, S. Korean military officially announced on Wednesday.

Agency for Defense Development (Add) and South Korean government departments Defense Acquisition Program Administration (Dapa) has revealed pressed to take action with new system however, Seoul official has reportedly said they are either developing or procuring the laser air defense systems.

South Korean defense official has told to Yonhap agency, due to the growing threat of small aerial vehicle attack by N. Korea they are plotting a plan to deploy a more secure and high-precision weapon that can easily detect any of the UAV drones and destroy it in air.

The S. Korean military industry working hard day and night to find out better way to stop them, if the weapon is like laser clearly, it will never run out ammunition are they have to work hard to test these weapons.

Currently, the news has came that a low flying UAV has sent by N. Korea and S. Korean’s weapons detect and bring down to surface by anti-craft gun.