South Sudan’s Army Suffocated 60 People To Death In A Storage Container


Khartoum: Military of South Sudan showed harsh violence against local civilians in a big luggage container in which almost 60 people killed in result of stoppage of breath.


Famous welfare society named Amnesty International a nonprofit organization revealed a report in which clear evidences presented by authorities about death of 60 Sudani people in result of south Sudanese armed forces’ antagonism in shape of closing in a storage container but troops declined that statement.

In those days, forces and terrorists introduced civil war for getting control in which lot of people departed from that life.

Witnesses told that we heard the shrieks of people forced to inside the storage container restrictions made by south military in result of that almost 60 people lost their breaths & died.

The best thing is that after arbitrary imprisonment troops opened locked container after long time but it’s too late all civilian were died but government officials did accept that negligence in front of media report.

Military and other aggressive forces carrying on a systematic violence against local public lived in small villages of Sudan, recently, a foreign news report exposed about in which young women and girls faced gathered rape events made by troops but anything did not decrease indemnity treat.

Many children have been be a blazed in refugees camps and almost 10553 civilians killed in one year distance after November 2015.

In those days, many Muslim countries like Syria, Afghanistan and Sudan are facing big problem of civil war in which both parties killed thousands people but any secure way for peaceful environment did not introduce by Security Council.

Civil society members, journalists and other group of people subjected to threats given by troops or militants may be near in future, delegations process will be started for recruitments in country.