Star Wars: The Episode 8 Watch Again Hit Stars Luke And Rey Together


Star wars releasing their 8th episode, The First shot of Skellig Michael and Rey on the Island and in this movie ‘Star wars: Episode 8’ with extended features than “Star war: The Force Awakens”.


The clip of ‘Star wars: Episode 8 was posted on the official website of star wars and the first seen came out where Skellig Michael is flying in air on the island where Luke was last seen spending a separate life at the end of “The Force Awaken”.

This news also come that the ‘Star wars: Episode 8’ will have released on March 2017 but due to modification in script it will be released with delay of 8 months on December 2017 exactly after 2 years of Episode 7 movie “The Force Awakens”.

Star wars belongs to a story of Skywalker family and their 7 episodes are already released in which amazing technologies are used, the star wars episode 7 which is also known as ‘The Force Awakens’, which is an American Movie released in 2015, it is the series of the star war movies . J.J Abrams is the Director, co-producer and co-writer of the Movie named as “The Force Awakens”.

Luke Skywalker is selected by the’ Empire’ magazine as the 54th hit movie character of all time, He has already been appeared in Star wars: The Force Awaken that was a very hit movie where high technology was introduced, Specially flying cars technology as well as Laser technology that was very important part of the movie.

Rey is a beautiful, stubborn and brave character in the last movie, she is very loyal to her friends and she is a scavenger in the movies of the star wars. The fictional character of the Star Wars Franchise is Rey; Daisy Ridley is the presenter of this star wars character.

She left behind on the planet named “Jakku” since from her childhood and involved in the Resistance’s conflict.