Storm Desmond Made Thousands Of People Homeless By Record-Breaking Rainfall


Storm Desmond caused huge destruction in United Kingdom as heavy raining made thousands of people homeless, even so many victims are still stranded in their houses.


Deadliest Storm Desmond has made thousands of people life hell in Cumbria and Lancashire as the series of heavy making water surface high and high, while about 43,000 homes are facing huge disturbance just because of power cuts and according to latest reports, 5,200 residences approximately have been affected so far.

British Prime Minister David Cameron visited victim North West England to learn why defense remained fail yet as a large number of victim people are still waiting for help. This year Christmas would be unpleasant for victims who all lost their home sweet home in Cumbria and the Republic of Ireland.

If latest reports are to be believed the Storm Desmond has destructed so many regions badly in north Wales, Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and North-West England over previous seven days, while more heavy rain forecaster to be attack in coming days to mentioned locations.


According to latest study, the series of heavy rain in Cumbria is estimated to be record-breaking and it has also disturbed badly every kind of business platforms.

On the other hand, the huge amount of wreckage is being criticized because the multi million-pound defenses remained unsuccessful so far but rains have been creating great hurdles in way of the rescue.

Prime Minister David Cameron also visited Cumbria’s largest city and county Carlisle and discovered it badly destroyed reason why also re-inspected flood defense plans for Cumbria.

After bit efforts, the rescue officials has recovered a man’s body from a river in Cumbria surface from County Tyrone, situated in Northern Ireland, and about close to on a cross-border road in County Monaghan and that dead man reportedly appeared to be a 70-year-old.