Story Behind The Selfies Of Qandeel Baloch With Mufti Abdul Qavi At Hotel Room


Qandeel Baloch the queen of seduction and controversy updated her status on Facebook that she had Iftar with Mufti Abdul Qavi. But Qandeel Baloch doesn’t specify that what type of meeting was that it seems like that both are sitting in a TV show.


There are rumors that soon Mufti Abdul Qavi will be invited in a Ramadan transmission along with Qandeel Baloch but it is not specified that which Ramadan transmission invites these two.

After all that when all the selfies of Qandeel Baloch along with Mufti Abdul Qavi was uploaded along with the status than this post becomes viral sensation.

After that Mufti Abdul Qavi and Qandeel Baloch were invited on a TV show and host of that show conduct their detail interview of these two on this meeting in a five star hotel room.

Mufti Abdul Qavi said that Qandeel Baloch insisted her to meet her so he tries his best to full fill the desire of Qandeel Baloch and invited Qandeel Baloch in a Five Star hotel room on Iftar and both of them breaks their fast together.


After that Qandeel Baloch promises to Mufti Abdul Qavi that she fasting in the entire month of Ramadan but she just wants to meet PTI’s chair man Imran Khan. Further Mufti Sab includes that he is the President of PTI Ulema Wing that’s why Qandeel Baloch approaches him.

On the other side Qandeel Baloch said she has no need to contact Mufti Abdul Qavi, Mufti Abdul Qavi instated Qandeel Baloch a lot for a meeting as Mufti Sab saying that he wants to see the moon of Eid before Eid.

When she arrived there her head was uncovered so Mufti Qavi takes off his cap and told Qandeel to wear it, than she wear’s that cap and took some selfies with Mufti Abdul Qavi.

At the end Qandeel Baloch includes that Mufti Abdul Qavi proposes her twice during the meeting.