Suicide Attack in the Capital of Syria, 8 killed and several injured


Damascus: According to the media reports, bomb blaster was in the car and he attacked with car and tried to hit the near police club; Official statement by the Government.


According to Foreign news agency, a bomb is blast in the capital of Syria, Damascus in the vegetable market near the police club in the district maskn Barza in the north of Damascus. According to police the blaster was in the car, he attacked with the car and he tried to hit the police club blast was so intense that it badly affected the nearby buildings and cause serious damage.

According to Official statement by the Government that it is possible suicide attack and he wanted to target the police and police and also stated that the bomb blaster wanted to enter in the police club but security security recognize him and shot him.

By this he was seriously injured and as a result the car bomber blew him up by the explosive, Due to this attacked 8 people were died and many were injured. The injured were rushed toward the hospital by the rescue teams.

A greater Suicide attack was also in the Syria in January 31, many people were killed and injured due t0 this blast.

According to some other resources the blasters were more than one they may be more than 3 also and they were wearing the police uniform to attack the police club and they also stated that more than 20 people are killed and more than 40 are wounded including police persons and other local people.

A figure of more than 260,000 people are killed from the year of 2011 till now from these types of suicidal attacks against the protests of Government.