Suicide Bombing Near Indian Consulate in Afghanistan Kills 9 Including Five Personnel


Heavily-armed fighters as well as a suicide bomber attacked the Indian consulate in the Afghan city of Jalalabad, in the result about nine persons including an Afghan security personnel have killed, while several were wounded, officials told media.


According to security personnel, suicide bomber detonated himself on Wednesday close to Indian consulate in eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad but that bombing only caused his death no anyone other, though the attack reported to be fourth incident since 2007.

The police told that their security forces shot dead heavily-armed gunmen at the spot when a suicide bomber came out alongside its other partners close to Indian consulate and blew up himself with heavy explosive.

Medical officials reported media that about nine people have been killed in this attack but Consular officials described the assault didn’t hurt none of their employees.

Afghanistan city Jalalabad is on the target of Taliban militants as in January, a suicide attacker left 13 people dead detonating himself with heavy explosive.

However, the militants targeted the home of a prominent local politician who supported peace talks of President Ashraf Ghani. Although the latest attack occurred in wake of some days a gun fight happened close to the Pakistani consulate in Jalalabad that killed about seven Afghan security officials.

One the other side, rival of the Taliban, one of the most dangerous militant organizations the Islamic State group has captured two districts neighborhood Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar province.

Police officer explained that one of the attackers was driving a car laden with heavy explosive blew up near the Indian consulate, in the result, doors and windows were smashed badly even other vehicles were also damaged heavily.

After the suicide bombing a severest gun fight occurred between security forces and militants who were alongside the suicide attacker though any Islamist organization has not claimed for the responsibility of the assault.