Suicide Bombings in Iraq Killed 60 More than 50 Injured


Baghdad: Again capital of Iraq vibrated with harsh suicide bombings in which almost 60 people killed including many policemen and more than 50 got serious wounds and shifted to city hospital for better treatment.


According to a news report, a suicide bomber occurred on a high way along with a big truck full of explosion material and introduced big blast near a police check post when lot of public cars were waiting to get traffic signal but everything destroyed in few seconds, 60 people killed on the spot and 50 got severe cuts almost 21 security officers martyred.

About 70 miles from capital of Iraq at the entry point of Hilla city suicide bomber ruins everything near security check point in start of 2016 that is second major blast held might be terrorists introduced more aggression against public and forces for getting whole control of region.

Another news portal told that approximately 15 to 20 people are dying every day in Syria and Iraq in result of civil war between Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) and NATO forces till now, any specific success in fight did not achieve by any security or militant group.

Over the last week, two big suicide blasts shake Iraq city in which almost 160 people departed from that life and hundreds were got serious wounds in two days events.

Till now, thousands Muslims martyred in that fight but United Nations did not improve any rule for stoppage of aggressive activities around Syria and Iraq.

In those days, many Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are facing the big problem of civil hostilities between NATO forces and militants in which losses of people increasing every next day.

Thousands citizens also transferred to other countries in search of employment and peaceful climate for saving their children.