Suicide bombings Left 40 People Dead in Eastern Iraq, Another Attack Killed 8 in Baghdad


A suicide bomber attacked a funeral in eastern province of Diyala, Iraq while the bombings has killed about 40 people, though another suicide explosion was reportedly carried out at a security checkpoint in western suburbs of Baghdad that left at least eight people dead.


Officials from Diyala security forces told media on Monday a huge explosion was done in Muqdadiya city, located at distance of 80 km northeast of Baghdad, in which Middle East based the Hashid Shaabi umbrella group of Shi’ite militias’ six local leaders were reportedly shot killed.

Although a suicide bomber attacked the commanders when they were attending a funeral of a one of them leader’s relative.

The latest bombings also left more than 58 people injured, though one of the brutal-dangerous Sunni militant organizations, Islamic State has taken control largest parts of northern and western Iraq even has claimed responsibility for the bombings, the SITE Intelligence group published a statement on its Twitter account.

According to Iraqi authorities, those commanders who were targeted in latest suicide bombings, four of them were belonging to the Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia though two others were part of Badr Organisation.

Nonetheless, the incident might be flare sectarian tensions at several locations in northern and western Iraq as latest reports are demonstrating that something happening bad inside the Muqdadiya city after the killings.

It also said to be many supporters from Shi’ite militia turned streets to express their rage over deaths of beloved leaders but security forces resisted.

However, police chief of the town also got wounded fighting with militia fighters as they were trying to capture suspected militants of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant from one of the prisons in Muqdadiya.

On the other hand, Islamic State has claimed that militia group attacked its holy places as well residences in Diyala that’s why the killed their people.