Suicide Bombings Wave in Iraq’s Several Cities, About 29 Killed


Islamist fighters stormed Iraq’s several cities on Monday by launching wave of suicide bombings that left more than 28 people dead whereas several wounded, security officials told media.


Militants mainly targeted the southern province of Dhi Qar though a suicide assailant detonated himself with heavy explosive inside a food point which remained regular visiting place for Shiite paramilitary militia fighters, in this incident nearly 14 people were killed.

A police officer explained that another suicide attack occurred in a famous restaurant, is located on main public road linking Baghdad with the southern provinces, left more than 26 people injured badly.

Nevertheless, Dhi Qar is situated at least 200 miles southeast of the capital, while after the incident pieces of meat and wreckage were seen scattered here and there as well bloodstained on pavement.

After seconds of the attack, thick black smoke rose in the air from the targeted location though over 30 vehicles got damaged badly in this bombing.

Basrah is located at distance of approximately 340 miles southeast to Baghdad, before a day another suicide attacker smashed his automobile into a security checkpoint northeastern suburb of Sadr al-Qanat of Baghdad, left six soldier dead as well injured 13 others.

One more suicide attacker struck a headquarters of paramilitary troops, is located in the municipality of Mishahda, at distance of 20 miles north to Baghdad, in the result four security officials were killed and about 10 wounded.

On the other side, officials from medical department have confirmed the causality number but on condition of anonymity because revealing information is strictly banned by the police without permission.

Most brutal Islamist militant organization known as Islamic State as well other names such as ISIS, IS and others, captured so many regions in northern and western sides of Iraq after establishing self-styled Islamic caliphate in the areas of Iraq and Syria in 2014. Since then the group has imposed a violent version of Islamic law.