Suicide Car Bomb Attack 6 Soldiers Of Jordan Dead, 14 Injured


In Jordan 6 brave soldiers lost their lives and 14 are wounded while performing their duties on their stations in result of a suicide car bomb attack on Jordan soldier’s refugee camp near the border.


A statement was released from the Jordan Army that in early on Tuesday a Military officer of Jordan receives a massage that a suicide car bomb will be blast on Rukban refugee camp which is 8 mile away from the border of Jordan and that border gives full coverage to Iraq and Syria. It was claimed by the Military of Jordan that this Suicide car bomb came from Syria.

This attack was fully pre planned when this car enters from the border illegally that officers standing on boarder opened their fires on this car but this car was out of reach than they start following this car and calls for emergency in that region in that time car reaches to the Rukban refugee camp and blew it.

As every officer was alert that a car was coming illegally they all gathered to stop but don’t know that car was loaded with explosive material.

When this suicide car was blasted 6 brave soldiers of Jordan lost their lives and 14 are injured in these injured soldiers 6 are in critical condition and it is not right to said now that these six soldiers will survive or not.

Till now no militant group or any terrorism group accepts that they are responsible for this attack and that was also not traced yet that strange message about this suicide car bomb attack delivered by which group till now only dead bodies are recovered and injured are sent to the hospital.

Investigation will start now till now everything is misty.