Sultan Salman Khan Captured While Playing With His Nephew Ahil On Lulia Birthday Party


Sultan of Bollywood Salman is caught on camera whine mamu is playing with his nephew and teaching him how to pack a punch to show the strength this lovely moment is captured by fashion designer Ashely Rebello during the birthday bash of Lulia Vantur.


Ahil Sharma is enjoying the company of his 2 uncles while this new member of Khan Family is specially invited in the birthday party of Lulia Vantur which is specially organized by Bajrangi Bahaijaan Salu Bhai.

In this party a memorable moment is clicked by fashion designer Ashely Rebello when Ahil is sitting on the lap of Sohail mamu and Salman mamu is teaching this newest member how to hit a punch to show his your strength as Bollywood highest paid actor Salman Khan is master in showing the strength latest example is Sultan through which Salu Bhai hit the Box office forcefully.

This picture is also shared by the Arpita Khan Sharma mother of Ahil on twitter along with a tweet, “Memories forever , My world, what a nice picture.”

But first this adorable and lovely picture is shared by Ashely Rebello on twitter with tweet

This new member of Khan Family is warmly welcomed on March 30, 2016 by the whole family everyone is very happy when this Chota Sultan join the family and the level of happiness of Aayush Sharma along with her better half Arpita Khan is on the 7th sky as Ahil Sharma is their first child.

This special birthday party on which these moments are captured is specially arranged by the Bodyguard Bollywood Salman Khan for his Romanian beauty Lulia Vantur to spend her 36 birthday bash with Khan Family along with some close friends.