Supersonic Bombers Of United States Fly Over The South Korea In Show Of Force After Nuclear Test


Two B-1 Bombers of United States flew over the South Korea yesterday in Show of force and also solid response for the nuclear test of North Korea last week and considered to be solid response to Pyongyang.


According to the reports that yesterday two supersonic Bombers of United States fly over the South Korea in show of force because of the last week nuclear of North Korea and main reason of this action is to remind and show Pyongyang about the force of this country United States with its best military assets in this region.

So in the footage of Television it is clearly shown that two supersonic B-1 Lancers fly very low on the base of United States in Pyeongtaek which is 60 kilometers of the capital. In these two fly bombers one landed at Anderson Air base while other landed back to the Osan Airbase.

This action occurred while North Korea successfully claimed about the successful test about their new high powered rocket engine while according to the officials of South Korea that they also getting well appreciation and progress towards attaining of long range missile.

So according to reports that it is second flight of this kind after the fifth successful test of North Korea on September 9 because before yesterday on September 13 two Bombers attackers from United States and fighter jets from North Korea escorted each other.

So according to the lieutenant General of United States Air Force Thomas W Bergeson these attacks were just to show these countries about the power of United States and also they have best assets of military in this region so it is the commitment of United States to preserve the security of Peninsula and all around its region.

So in this context Russia and China totally opposed the decision of United States.