Swami Om is popular, no matter what in Bigg Boss 10.


Contestant of Bigg Boss 10 Swami Om has annoyed several by means of his sexist comments on show previously. Though, Raj Nayak head of channel does not concern that Swami comprises cases in opposition to him.
People possibly will be criticizing the Bigg Boss 10 makers for holding self-declared “taantrik” Swami Om in show in spite of an accusation of theft at him, but CEO Raj Nayak of Colors does not bother.
Since his entrance in the Bigg Boss house, Swami Om has handled to linger in the news for his continuous sexist comments or relentlessly unkind remarks on other house mates.
Outside of house, Pramod Jha his brother had charged him of breaching into his shop together with 3 men and taking spare parts, 11 bicycles, house sale deed and some additional documents. Swami Om in addition got a call by a Delhi court and it also came to hear that police even arrived at Bigg Boss house to take signatures of Swami on a few documents.

When inquired if such contenders are a knock on the Bigg Boss image, Nayak stated, “Not in any way. We take contenders because of their individualities and the part they can play in the show. Bigg Boss is a reality show based on human being psychology. Whatever occurs in actual life occurs in Bigg Boss. The single dissimilarity is that except you have unusual types of people, it would not be reality.”
He added up that the team of show, which Salman Khan hosts, found immense latent in Swami. “It does not matter if he has cases on him. He is not a criminal. Lots of people have cases on them. At the auditions time, the team takes a contestant they consider will be fine for show and acquires him or her.”
Nayak even considers that the controversial contender might be a changed man after the show. “At present he the most popular contender and he might emerge as a changed being!” he stated.
Though fans love to hate him, even often Salman is observed making a joke out of him and even reproaching him in episodes of Weekend Ka Vaar.

Swami is, on the other hand, not the initial contestant to take part in Bigg Boss, who is involved in a legal issue. Aseem Trivedi, the Controversial cartoonist had a case of sedition against him, was a fraction of season six of Bigg Boss. The 5th took Nihita Biswas Sobhraj, notorious unlawful Charles Sobhraj’s wife. Although there was no case in opposition to Nihita, her partaking on the show heaved so many questions because of her relationship with Charles.
The ‘Viral video war’ of most recent task is revealing the best in contenders. They are working as a team, overlooking their disparities, but are in addition doing everything to amuse everyone. Sunny Leone comes into the house to declare her concluding resolution on the selection job ‘Viral video war’. Laying a stop to this severe war, Sunny in addition creates 1 viral video along with the contenders.