Sweden Gives Up A Part Of The Sexual Assault Investigation Against Assange


Julian Assange sees fall for some of the prescription sexual assault charges in Sweden. Refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador in London, WikiLeaks founder is always subject to a charge of rape.


A part of the charges against Julian Assange are now prescribed, but the founder of Wikileaks is far from out of the woods. If it is no longer subject to investigation, as of August 13, for an alleged sexual assault that complainant a Swedish reproach him, he is still subject to a charge of rape.

Five years have passed since the filing of complaint. The facts are now prescribed, the Swedish Justice not having indicted Mr. Assange.

This requirement should not change for the Australian of 44 years, still a refugee in Ecuador’s embassy in London to escape a European arrest warrant issued by Sweden.

Other facts sexual assault will be prescribed August 18, unless a dramatic turn, the prosecutor decides to indict Julian Assange. But the prescription of rape facts denounced by another Swedish complainant will intervene only in August 2020, which still leaves five years with the British police to question the respondent.

Since its inception, this ultra-publicized case bogged down in a series of legal and diplomatic complications have left no chance to know the truth. Julian Assange has claimed his innocence, claiming that the sex was consensual. But he always hid when summoned by the prosecutor handling the matter, Marianne Ny.

In June 2012, having exhausted all his appeals in Britain where he had taken up residence, he entered the Embassy of Ecuador without suspecting that he would remain stuck there for years. The small South American country granted him political asylum two months later and has since sought in vain to obtain a safe-conduct to take him to Quito.

While the prosecution insisted on asking the WikiLeaks founder to come in Sweden against him-attacking to magistrates by proposing a hearing by video conference, or even in London. The prosecutor ended by accepting this solution in March 2015 .

This hearing is still waiting, because of administrative problems. And without it, the record seems too thin to launch prosecutions, which leaves a complainant on the tile.

It is not tried for these facts but that does not mean he’s innocent, he told Claes Borgström, the lawyer of this young woman. My client has mixed feelings. She wanted him to answer before Justice, but is relieved not to have to live a trial because the case dates back to five and it wants to turn the page, he added.

Following the procedure for 2020 is highly uncertain. After a dialogue of the deaf on the legal conditions of the possible hearing in narrow premises of the Ecuadorian Embassy, Stockholm and Quito agreed on the drafting of a judicial cooperation agreement between the two countries. But negotiating the terms of the text should take time.

Julian Assange, figure revered in libertarian circles, but whose reputation has been tarnished by this affair and lives cloistered afraid if he goes to Sweden to be subsequently extradited to the United States. It could be blamed publication by WikiLeaks in 2010 of 500 000 classified secret defense documents about Iraq and Afghanistan and 250,000 diplomatic communications.