Syrian Regime Accepts Truce Deal Between Russia-United States In The Country


Finally the Syrian regime has agreed to a suggested United States-Russian truce in homeland on Tuesday, under which the country forces will not be continuing its armed actions but offensive against the militant organizations such as al Qaeda’s branch in Syria and Islamic State (IS), will continue.


Nevertheless, if militants carry out any wrong act in country so the security forces have the right to response bravely, a Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

The Syrian regime also has confirmed that the military offensive against will not be stopped against the Syria based Islamist fighter organization such al Qaeda’s al Nusra Front, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and other terrorist groups if they try to violate.

While President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad has also announced that during the truce if opposition groups as well other militant organizations attempt to show some unexpected behavior so they have to pay because government force alongside its alliance will be on duty to face any possible danger.

Senior officials from Syrian regime also told media that supremacy will be given to Syrian military from the authorities to attack any militant group’s fighters if they try to interrupt ceasefire even United States alongside Russia support will also be part of offensive.

The declaration from Syrian authorities emerged after over a day of proposed ceasefire by the United States and Russia and it will go an effect on Saturday but it doesn’t make sense the fighters can perform bad acts.

On the other hand, the fighter groups in the country as well renowned militant organization Islamic State have agreed to temporary truce saying the violence will not be carried out during the ceasefire time which scheduled to be started on 00.00 (Damascus time) on 27 February, 2016.