Syrian Regime Alongside Russia Launched Severest Airstrike On Jihadist-Held Damascus, Killed Over 38


The Syrian government forces and Russian warplanes rained down severest bombings in militants-held Damascus city, in the result, more than 38 killed, while several wounded.


The deadliest battle between government forces and militants made ruble so many apartments, while so many youngsters were spotted carrying wounded people as well as children as warplanes stormed a school that shot dead principal, two children including more than 38 killed so far.

After the deadliest airstrikes raised a wave of fear in besieged fighters stronghold Damascus, huge stampede were seen in many hospitals as people were helping injured people to carry there for rapid treatment, in which many were to young children.

A monitoring group has claimed that the bombardment was carried out by Russian jet planes that brutally rained down fatal missiles in city where the militants have stronghold.

The government forces suddenly launched airstrikes when the jihadists rooted in an eastern suburb of Syrian capital, volleys of mortar shells caused by huge wreckage, blood, killings in streets of Damascus.

If reports are to be believed, the rebels are totally against to regime of current President Bashar al-Assad in country, while the capital that known as Eastern Ghouta is a strong residence of militants, reason why the President said to be often throw mortars there to realize its power.

The warplanes launched about over 39 missiles on early hours Sunday which said to be were so strong as shook buildings, a large number of residents were sleeping in their housing barrage time.

The regime of President Bashar al-Assad wants to remove the complete hold of militants in Eastern Ghouta reason why attacked outposts but many sinless people as well as children were also died in shelling.