Taliban Forced To Lose Land By Us Military Troops, Rebels Tried Best To Rule Over 104 Districts


KABUL: In result of fight between Afghanistan government military troops and Taliban groups in result of these fights Taliban are forced to leave some piece of land now only 36 districts are under Taliban rule and 104 are under situation of chaos.


According to the latest report of DPA it is mentioned that in Kabul latest report is presented by the United Nation this report is all about the fighting sessions between United States Military Troops and Taliban as America really wants to free the word from this terrorist group who called themselves Taliban and responsible for all the terrorist attacks all over the world.

This latest report of United Nation is all about the land division and the areas which are under Taliban and government in this report the progress of American Military Troops are clearly mentioned 5 months latter in May 70 percent of land is under Taliban rule and not even a single military member can even enter in this area.

Not the situation is totally changed American Military Troops fight hard and force Taliban to leave the area now in July only 65.6 percent of piece of land is under Taliban rule these are might be 36 districts out of 407 districts. According to the provincial level only 15 provinces of Afghanistan are under Taliban out of 34 provinces.

These 15 provinces are one of the most backward areas of Afghanistan in most of area of these 15 provinces basics necessaries are not even available so it is sure that soon Taliban leave this area too.

On the other side there is fear that 104 districts are under attack that the units of rebels tried their best to rule over these areas as they want to rule all over Afghanistan but till now the situation is that not even a single district is totally under control of rebels but now they are trying to rule over 104 districts.