Taliban Got Control of Afghanistan’s city ‘Sangin’


Helmand: Afghan Taliban increased terror activities against local and NATO forces now; they take over big city ‘Sangin’ but troops also trying to snatch that city from militants.


In those days, Afghanistan and many other Muslim countries are facing the problem of civil war between Terrorists and security forces. Famous Afghan militant group named Tehrik-i-Taliban took big win in shape of getting total control of Sangin city from forces; senior commander told that only little Km2 area control by Afghan forces.

Foreign security forces was main focus on the big south district named Sangin held in Helmand but Taliban have overrun Sangin city from troops and launched their camps but American and NATO forces are fighting against these aggressors but till now, faced only defeat.

Senior Afghan government official told that Taliban also killed many British soldiers for the purpose of Capturing Sangin city at last they succeeded in their task. According to a news report, almost 90 people departed from that life in last two days in terrorism held in Gereshk and Sangin.

A local provincial council member said that Government did not think about Major Afghan’s district named Helmand because that region also in danger position increased by Taliban and US and UK forces has not cooperated about getting control back from terrorist.

Wall Street journal report reveled in which main idea presented about total killing soldiers within a year.

Afghan forces also helped out by American troops during operation against militants for taking over Kunduz from Taliban. Recently, aggressors occurred in front of big securities headquarter in which almost 6 people killed on the spot but many were saved from that explosion.

All population suggested that Taliban took big win by over taking Sangin city since 2001 and all forces cannot stop that achievement.