Taliban Stormed Heavily Fortified Kandahar Airport


Taliban fighters stormed heavily fortified Kandahar airport complex, situated in southern Afghanistan, in the result, more than 8 militants were killed and about 13 people too, authorities reported.


According to latest reports, the Taliban fighters suddenly attacked the apartments of government employees on Tuesday late hours and also targeted United Sates and NATO military forces based those at airport.

Taliban fighters took military officer’s family members in their custody as entered in the buildings housing government employees during the their sudden actions and hence Afghan Special Forces showed polite offensive as people have became hostages and any fast movement could reason of expected casualties.

It said to be by Afghan media that Taliban that action came when a conference was beingi done between regional leaders to Pakistani senior officials regarding the Afghan conflict in Pakistan.

Some security officials told media reporters that the Taliban fighters donned up military uniforms, entered the building reason why no one couldn’t recognize them and it also informed that they used AK-47s in this attack.

Security officials also told that the fighters not only targeted the Afghan military officials’ housing also struck their nearest business platforms using explosives.

One of the people, who were trapped in the building close to the airport building, described local media that residents decided to hide themselves in the building while observing the dangerous situation because it could cause of casualties.

The latest Taliban action considers second largest attack in Kandahar city in previous 24-hours. The Afghan media and officials are rising a question to security that how the Taliban fighters attained access of heavily fortified military compounds in the state.

However, Taliban militants attacked a police station in Kandahar city on Monday night, even exchange of huge firefight was being carried out between security officials and fighters that killed reportedly three.

Taliban forces stormed a Kandahar police station and engaged in a lengthy firefight in which two of the attackers were reportedly killed and three police officers too.