Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Ready Caught Kissing And Hugging On Island


One week before Taylor Swift had a break up with Calvin Harris. Last week this couple accepted that they had a break up but things are going wrong between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris from last 15 months and on last week their story came to an end.


After all that Taylor Swift is dating Tom Hiddleston from last one week both are seems to be in great love with each other both are spending a lot of time with each other.

It’s all seems like that Taylor Swifts wants to break up her relationship with Calvin Harris and starts her new relationship with Tom Hiddleston.

Latest pictures of Tom Hiddleston with Taylor Swift are on a beach and this beach is close to Taylor Swift 11,000 square foot home. Both are sitting on the stones holding each other hands and putting their hands on each other waist.


Both are looking mad in love they also kissing and hugging each other in front of everybody and at that time there are round about 40 peoples everyone was shocked when they saw this couple romancing like young lovers but Taylor Swift is of 25 and Tom Hiddleston is of 35.

On social media this romantic couple is in headlines and everyone is criticizing on Taylor Swift’s character, and the other media personalities won’t believe that Taylor Swift is romancing with Tom Hiddleston after one week from break up with DJ Calvin Harris.


The reaction of Calvin Harris after seeing all this is that he un follows Taylor Swift on Twitter as well as on Instagram.

Now he is hitting the fan sites of Taylor Swift and trying to create a dirty picture of Taylor Swift in front of her fans.