Teen Choice Award 2016 Held On Sunday, Where Is Taylor Swift?


The teen choice awards 2016 ceremony is successfully comes to an end but the main question is that all the nominated celebrities are there to attend the ceremony and all the special guest are also these but the most discussed celebrity of music world Taylor Swift was not there.


Absence of Taylor Swift really shock her fans as all the fans are waiting to swift in this ceremony as fans voted for her also and wanted to see her it is not for the first time that this most talented and gorgeous celebrity of Hollywood not attending the Teen Choice Awards.

Last time in year 2015 Taylor Swift is absent and did not give any excuse that why she was not there and this time in year 2016 she is again absent as she is one of the nominated celebrities and organizers also announced that this year this lady singer is going to present the Teen Choice Award too but not promise the presence of her.

Taylor Swift is nominated in 2 different categories which are Choice Female Artist and also nominated for Choice Song for her Song New Romantics but unable to get any award it seems like that she knows that she is not going to win any award this time.

Now a day’s Swift is very busy in romancing with her new boyfriend the Loki of Hollywood Tom in present days Swift and Tom are cut off from the word they are not even getting phone calls and not meeting with friends.

On Wednesday Taylor posted pictures of her date with 35 years old actor Tom in a restaurants where these love birds are enjoying the yummy and cozy meal this one of the strongest reason that why Swift is absent from Teen Choice Award.