Tere Bin Laden Director Abhishek Sharma Going To Direct Sunny Leone’s Biography


Director Abhishek Sharma who got fame form his film Tere Bin Laden is now going to unleash his new project this time he is going to make a biographical film which is based in true incident and the topic of this biographical film is Sunny Leone.


Director Abhishek Sharma for a long time is in search of his new project and his search comes to an end with Sunny Leone till now this Shaukeen’s director is busy in the direction of Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive as this director got fame from Tere Bin Laden which is featured on Pakistani Pop Star Ali Zafar.

Abhishek Sharma is now busy in Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive after this he is going to make the third sequel of Tere Bin Laden but along all these news now the latest target of this director is to make a biographical film as there is trend sets in Bollywood that every second director is making biographical films.


Joining this race of Biographical films Abhishek Sharma is going to make a film on the life story of Bold and sexy actress Sunny Leone he officially announced that this time he putting lime light on the life story of Sunny Leone.

The main focus of Abhishek Sharma is on the love story of Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber who is Sunny’s husband, while talking about the cast director announced that Sunny along with Daniel are going to act in this film.


Through this film public and fans of Sunny Leone came to know the reality that what type of life is enjoying by Sunny what are problems faced by Sunny what encourage or force her to join the Adult Film World and how she enters in Bollywood.

This is for the second time that a person is putting lime light on the biography of Sunny Leone first time a documentary was made on this sexy actress live by Dilip Mehta who is Canadian Photojournalist.