Terror Threatful Calls Received by Malala’s School Among 8 Other in United Kingdom


Birmingham: Terrorists want to hit UK’s educational institutes after Paris attacks, gave threat to Government about destroying of Pakistani teenage Nobel winner Malala Yousafzai’s school along with 8 other learning places police starts deeply probe.


Few months ago, militants hit big European state France with bombings in which almost 130 people killed and more than 300 got serious cuts now, British government received phone calls made by terrorist about upcoming striking on Pakistani young activist Malala’s school and other 8 institutions near in future.

After getting threats, police Evacuated all schools 6 held in Birmingham and 2 in Glasgow after completeing hi search gave permission to staff members and students to carry on their study.

Center Minister gave orders about increseing security of all schools in country for the purpose of protection point of view.

West midlands police and security forces also try to know the actual person who gave threats of bomb blast by phone calls but till now, every one thinked about these calls would be foax. Parents took action and reported in front of management for getting complete satisfaction about their children’s safety.

Recently, famous terrorist group named Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) gave warning to UK’s government about a big bomb blast near in future.

Midlands Detective Inspector Colin Mattison also satisfied about security control of police in these two cities and we all were trying to know that responsible person who made fake phone calls only for increasing terror and fear.

Any militant group did not take the responsibility of these calls about attack on Malala’s school and among 8 others but police increasing his investigation toward all unknown evidences. Last week in England, many schools also received fake threatful phone calls which all of were considered to be nothing.