Terrorism Growing Up In India’s Neighborhood, Said By Narendra Modi In Congress At US


As Pakistan always in Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mind and he never left a chance to taunt on Pakistan in his speech at the joint meeting of Congress in US at Capitol Hills he said that terrorism was growing up in the neighbor country of India which is Pakistan.


Narendra Modi hates Pakistan more than anything else in his every speech he taunts Pakistan in different means this time he said that the terrorism which was spreading in the whole world in different faces was incubated in Pakistan.

Pakistan is just like an incubation plant for terrorism every year new terrorism came out from Pakistan and destroy the world in different means Narendra Modi includes that whole world has to be united and remove the terrorism from the world first of all we have to finish Lashkar-e-Taiba, Taliban and ISIS these are the world largest groups of terrorisms and these are scattered all over the world.

According to Narendra Modi these groups of terrorist shares the same philosophy of killing, murder and hate and world must have to be united and take strong measures to remove these groups from earth and bring peace on earth.

Further in his speech Narendra Modi commented on American Parliament that they are also with Pakistan in spreading terrorism in the world as America was appears to sale the 8 f-16 fighter jets to Pakistan.

America has to block this selling of Fighter jets to Pakistan as Pakistan was one of those countries in which leaders are using the terrorist for their political gains.

The duration of Narendra Modi speech was 45 minutes in which he taunts on Pakistan and covers all the major points of India’s relationship with America and also defines that how their relationship becomes strong.