Terrorist Killed Shot Down 9 People, 21 Injured In Shopping Mall, Germany


MUNICH: In Germany group of three terrorist entered into a shopping mall and targeted civilians in result of this shooting 9 citizens of Germany are killed including 21 are injured.



In Germany at Munich a shopping mall is situated near the Olympic Stadium this is shopping mall is one of the biggest and most standardized shopping malls in Germany on a regular morning when every this is going on as per routine than a group of three terrorist into the mall.

These terrorist entered into the mall force fully when they entered into the mall all the security alarms went on, that terrorist don’t wasting their time opened their fires on the civilians in result of this un-targeted firing 9 of the civilians in mall are killed and 21 are injured some of the peoples are injured due to running for their lives and the collides with each other and also fall on each other.

One of the terrorist kills itself after killing the people and according to the witness he is continuously saying that I am a German and I Hate Foreigners this statement of terrorist helps the police now it seems that it is a case of racism.

but in investigations the identity of that terrorist is that he is a German-Iranian citizen of 18 years, till now there is correct report that a terrorist group like Diash is behind this or just these 3 terrorist planned this attack.

After this attack police covers the whole area and safely remove every person out from the mall after this attack police is in search of other 2 terrorist and ordered the other civilians to stay in their houses metro and train service was also closed after this attack so that terrorist are unable to go so far.