Terrorist Organization Daesh Gave Threat To Saudi Arabia About Destroying Jails


Famous terrorists group Daesh increased attacks in many Islamic countries and now, Saudi Arabia received the warning from that group about wipe out of all secure jails.


According to a news report, few days ago, Saudi Government hanged almost 47 terrorist in which mostly were connected to Daesh and other parties, they increased illegal activities in that large Muslim state.

Many Daesh’s workers killed in Arabia for the purpose of finishing all harsh groups from his country but commanders of Daesh also gave a statement in front of hidden media in which they showed the will about destroying famous jails in Saudi Arabia.

In those jails, a large number of world terrorists took punishment and mostly have a big connection with Islamic state terrorist group named Daesh. But Saudi Arabia Ministry wants to maintain the peace of country and all other neighbor states for the help of high profile security system.

Ad-Dawlah al-Islamiyah Iraq and Syria means Daesh also got high attraction of whole world due to his ruthless attacks in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries. Now, they want to tear down all jails of Saudi Arabia in which large number of terrorists locked up by Government.

When Saudi Arabia gave punishment of death to 47 terrorists in which one Iranian religious personality named Nimr al-Nimr also hanged in result of that large number of protestors made an attack on Saudi diplomatic office who held in Iran.

All bluff countries United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Sudan finished all type of diplomatic relations with Iran but any other nation did not try to decrease the difference between those nations.

Daesh also gave warning to Pakistani Government in which that group says all young girls will not go to school, college and any university and finished whole high education institutes.