Terrorist Shooting on School in Canada, 4 Killed and Several Got Serious Injuries


Ottawa: One Gunman entered in school and opened the fire on innocent students and staff members in result of that almost 4 person killed on the spot and many were got serious wounds.


According to a news report, last day in Canada, unknown terrorists made severe shooting inside a school and killed four persons. After that police & other security forces took positions and arrested to that attacker along with developed weapons and relocated to unknown place for proper investigation.

All dead bodies shifted to death cell for the purpose of postmortem and all injured people transferred to hospital by using air way. All security forces imposed emergency in that area and started big search operation for getting the more information about hidden sources of terrorists.

Police also told the person who made firing on school he also getting education from that learning place along with friends and he was only 17 years old but accurate name did not present in front of media by security forces.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has expressed deep sorrow for killed and injured persons during a firing event on a school and made a special investigation committee for searching the accurate reason of that harsh attack, all parents took lot of tension about their children’s safety.

One year back in Pakistan, almost seven unknown terrorist entered in Army public school and opened fire on students and teachers and killed 150 children after a long time fight with attackers Pak army executed all aggressors and now, Canada faced that problem by a local citizen.

A senior former teacher of that school named Kevin Janvier said that his 23-year old daughter Marie, a teacher, was gunshot departed by the terrorist. Police and security forces also try to know actual reason of that attack on school by 17 years of age boy.