Terrorists Attacked On Bacha Khan University in Charsadda, 21 Killed


Charsadda: Many unidentified gunmen entered in Bacha Khan University and opened the fire on students and other related staff in which almost 21 killed and several got serious injuries.


According to a news report, a big ceremony of poetry held on the anniversary of famous nationalist leader Bacha Khan inside the university in which all faculty members and lot of students were enjoying that event but after few hours many terrorist entered and attacked with harsh firing and bomb blast, 21 martyred on the spot.

Pakistan army and other security forces took the whole control of attacking place, they were trying to cover all students and other members from firing in safe ways. Another report told all terrorist were hidden in boy’s hostel but almost 50 students continue to work out securely.

On 16 December 2014, almost seven terrorist entered in Army Public School held in Peshawar joined famous group named Tehrik-I-Taliban and opened fire on innocent children and teachers and killed 141, ranging between 18 years of age.

In result of that attack a big secure rescue operation launched by Pakistan’s Army‘s SSG and murdered all seven assailants and safe the life of 960 children and staff members of that school.

Now, again many aggressors entered in big education place named Bacha Khan University along with developed weapons.

Security forces confirmed the death of 21 people in which one professor and other 14 students nominated. But Pakistan Army continues rescue operation against terrorist but till now, any news about the death of attacking group not mentioned.

Army also continues a big operation against terrorists from last two or three years.