“The Batman”: Ben Affleck Revealed The Title Of His Solo Movie


The American actor and filmmaker Ban Affleck has unveiled the title of his upcoming next venture but the solo venture as well because the DC comic character the batman is filming standalone neither with Superman nor with other super heroes.


Sometimes keeping the things is simple is the better plan for a perfect plan so it might be the thought of Ben Affleck whom want to be solo in his production neither with a single character of DC comics.

Ben Affleck opted out the title of his solo venture at production of “The Accountant” as well as he discussed the about talk on him about negative response in the last DC comic venture “Batman vs Superman”.

The handsome Hollywood film character batman will seen after his latest venture with his tremendous stunts, the way in which Warner Bros and DC have shaped their unbelievable productive and creative scenes suggested Ben Affleck has associated with a commercial studio for a specific time.

In the recent DC comic flick, the multi-talented actor has donned a cape of Batman-the super hero in black costume is now deeply involved in the production of directional venture with in his solo batman movie.

The 44-year old American actor went for an interview with an associated press majorly for the promotion of his forthcoming movie titled as “The Accountant”, with the promotion of thriller drama movie the multi-talented actor accidentally opted the name of his solo venture as “The Batman”.

Interestingly, the solo film title is not yet decided but the DC comic actor is thinking to helmed the flick under this titled while more details are not revealed yet.

Ben Affleck revealed the description behind opting the title as “The Batman”, his fans is actually calling him with this name until today.