The Heart Shape Circumambulate Of Khana Kaba Picture Viral On Social Media


The heart shape picture of circumambulate (Tawaf) around Khana Kaba well liked by worldwide Muslims on Social media, captured during one of the Islamic rituals of pilgrimage “Tawaf” of Khana Kaba.


The Khana Kaba is the holiest place of people, who believed in Islam called Muslims. The Muslim came from all over the globe to one of the most important fifth faith Pilgrimage (Hajj) mentioned in Quran, the followers of Islam believed the cube shaped building “Khana Kaba” is the reflection of heavenly house of Allah that first built by first messenger and the father of whole world Adam (A.S).

While “Tawaf” one of the significant part of pilgrimage (Hajj) and Umrah in which Muslims who came from all over the world have to surround Khana Kaba seven times in clockwise direction.

Muslim’s faith is that the circling around the holiest heavenly house of Allah “Khana Kaba” demonstrates the unity of worshippers and believers of One God.

During the Hajj and Umrah season, many worshipers of One God circulate around the holiest “Khana Kaba” seven times to perform fifth faith or Umrah, one of the civilian named Ahmed Hazir has captured many snaps but one of the snaps he uploaded on Social media well liked by Muslims and other religious individuals.

but one of the picture in which peoples performing “Tawaf” in heart Shape around Khana Kaba has gone viral on internet and the picture also pleased many Muslims all round the world.

The paparazzi Ahmed said, he delayed in uploading the eye capturing glimpse of Khana Kaba as he desire to drop this beautiful snap when all people who performed pilgrimage (Hajj) has returned to their home so they can share these heart touching picture of holiest heavenly house of Allah.