The Opposition leader of Uganda arrested trying to leave his home


KAMPALA: Uganda (AP), due to Tensions after Uganda’s elections, criticized by international observers as being undemocratic, ratcheted up on Monday when police arrested President “Yoweri Museveni’s” main challenger that he was leaving his home.


The opposition leader is being arrested from his home when he was trying to leave his home, police arrested him from his home and took him with them in a black van on a undisclosed location, he had been going to the election commission to receive the copies of presidential Elections that he had lost from the president of the Uganda.

Neutral observers also criticized the Government for using the police power against the opposition leadership and stated that it is not good for the future of this government and this will give air to fire in the hearts of opposition leadership and supporters.

On Saturday 20th February, the Election commission announced officially that the president Yoweri Museveni has got more than 60 percent vote and the opposition leader has got only 35 % votes.

This result is not included with the votes of 1242 polling stations that is 4 % of all the all the polling stations and Election Commission also said that this will also not change the outcome of the results.

The opposition leader Besigye was president’s personal physician from 1981 to 1986 and also served as Deputy Interior Minister of President’s first Cabinet, broke from his party in 1999 saying that He will not live more with a Democrat.

The Election commission also said that the voters of the opposition leader Besigye will have to accept the results because the President of the Uganda has got more than 50 % votes that are enough for the victory but the critics of the world also criticized the Government of the Uganda to arrest the opposition leader.